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The Swedish Association of Curators is a politically independent non-profit organization with the aim to represent, safeguard and promote curators’ professional, economic and social position by

The Board

The association has associated members seven of whom make up the elected Board with a broad representation regarding age, family, background, area of ​​activity, and geographical domicile.

Board members 2024–25:

Jonatan Habib Engqvist
Freelance curator and editor Ord&Bild

James Taylor-Foster
Curator at Arkdes, Stockholm

Tal Gilad
Freelance curator, Stockholm
Communication manager

Joa Ljungberg
Curator of exhibitions, Moderna Museum Malmö

Natasha Marie Llorens
Freelance curator and professor of art theory, Royal Academy of Arts, Stockholm

Jari Malta
Artistic director of Collega (Copenhagen) and freelance curator, Malmö

Noël Platts
Student representative – Curating Art programme at Stockholm University

Amila Puzic
Curator at Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg

Anca Rujoiu
Curator at Bildmuseet, Umeå

Read the association's response to Swedish government plans to consolidate state arts funding here (in Swedish)

Find the annual report and latest documents here


If you are an active curator or enrolled in a curatorial education program, you can get your membership by clicking on the button “Become a member”.

You will be redirected to Nätverkstan, our official partner.

Become a member

Who can become a member?

If you are an active curator based in Sweden or a Swedish curator active elsewhere, you can be accepted as a member of the Swedish Association of Curators.

A curator is identified by documented curatorial activity, or as someone with a curatorial degree – or is enrolled in such education. The board accepts membership on an ongoing basis.

As a member it is required to follow the association’s statutes and regulations. Membership in the Swedish Association of Curators means working together in solidarity for the organization's goals and must show colleagues the consideration and courtesy that good collegiality requires.


The membership fee is decided upon at the annual meeting. In 2024 the normal fee amounts to 250 SEK. When the membership fee has been paid and registered, the person becomes a member and is entered onto the membership list.

Types of Members for 2023-2024:

Supporting Member: 250+ SEK

Professional Member: 250 SEK

Student Member: 150 SEK


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via email.

Email: info[at]

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